Best Deals with the Facebook Likes

Seems like a good deal right? For € 5 you get 10,000 likes on your Facebook page. At first glance, this indeed comes across as a great offer. But buying likes is useless and also harmful to your reach. This all has to do with the platform’s algorithms and why people follow companies. So here’s the reasons why buying likes is a bad idea.

What Buying Likes Does With Your Reach

Facebook, like many large platforms (such as Google or Twitter) uses an algorithm to determine what visitors see. These algorithms look at a whole stack of criteria that determine whether a message is interesting for your followers. A very simple explanation:

First, 10% of your followers will see the new message. If these 10% do not really like, share or respond to the message, Facebook will not (or only little) show the message to the other 90%. And if this happens more often, the penalty for the low range will get bigger and bigger. This makes sense, of course. People come to Facebook for relevant and fun content, and Facebook naturally wants to give you this. After all, if we only see irrelevant and boring content, we won’t come back. Choosing the cheap facebook likes is important here.

Low reach penalties are inevitable when buying likes from a website. These likes are not from active and engaged followers. These are likes that are not going to share your posts, respond to them or like the post at all. So if the Facebook algorithm mainly shows your message to followers like this, your reach will plummet. Not so niceespecially if you’ve already put a lot of effort into growing your page organically.

You naturally want engaged and relevant likes, right?

Why Buying Likes Is Useless

Buying likes is not the right way to grow your social media presence. These likes often come from special accounts that only exist to like companies. Such an account has no further value for your page. They will not like, share or comment on your posts. Buying likes is therefore just as useful as a special radio advertisement for Arnhemmers, but only broadcast. Not a good idea.

How Do I Increase The Number Of Likes On My Page?

There are tons of ways to increase the number of likes on your page. For example, you can use special advertisements, organize like-and-win promotions, invite message likes, set up a solid social media strategy or invite people via a mailing list. A page almost never explodes. If you write relevant and interesting posts almost daily, your likes will grow naturally. It’s a slow process, but it’s the only way to go. Because of course you want involved and relevant likes.